Jerry Goldstein and Last Experience, Inc. for the public screening of their highly anticipated film of Jimi Hendrix at London’s ROYAL ALBERT HALL

Jimi Hendrix at London’s ROYAL ALBERT HALL
Berlandi Nussbaum & Reitzas LLP’s (“BNR”) clients, Jerry Goldstein and The Last Experience, Inc. have agreed to screen for the public one of the greatest and most anticipated, unseen treasures in musical history, The Jimi Hendrix Experience: The Royal Albert Hall.  This feature-length film documents the last European performance of the original line up of the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and will be screened to the public for the very first time since it was shot 50 years ago at the very location where it was primarily filmed: London’s historic Royal Albert Hall.

The Last Experience Inc. is the production company, led by Jerry Goldstein, that originally partnered with Jimi Hendrix and documented his legendary performance on February 24, 1969. This surprise announcement to screen the film came from Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and The Last Experience Inc., which have partnered on the event set for the evening of Monday, October 21, 2019.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience: The Royal Albert Hall has long been considered the holy grail of ‘lost’ films. It has never before been released on any format nor commercially screened anywhere in the world. It has remained unseen and been the subject of death, litigation and intrigue since its creation fifty years ago.

The film presents an extraordinary performance by the Jimi Hendrix Experience and also chronicles the hours leading up to the concert with the crew granted unprecedented access to Hendrix and his team throughout the day that preceded the performance, including backstage goings-on and a post-show reception. Producer Jerry Goldstein had the famed Royal Albert Hall theatrically lit as if it were a movie set, resulting in a richly detailed film free of the primitive concert lighting of the era and bizarre camera zooms and pans that poorly served other films from that era.

This screening is a strict ‘One Night Only’ experience for fans as there are no current plans for a further release of the concert. Featuring a state-of-the-art sound system and giant screen, the show will be as close as you can get to seeing Hendrix perform on that prestigious stage 50 years ago.

While stray clips have irregularly surfaced on various bootleg markets, over the years, the authorized version to be screened at the Royal Albert Hall has been meticulously restored with remastered sound and colour-corrected picture.

“I could not be more happy for Jerry to finally see this film out in the public for the very first time.  The film not only captures Hendrix at the height of his career, but the way it was shot back then is simply incredible,” commented partner Joshua Reitzas.  “I think if you are going to be in London on October 21, 2019, or can a find a way to be, you don’t want to miss this one.  And while it’s a surprise screening, it will be worth the hassle to see it at the Royal Albert Hall, especially since it is at the exact same location where it was shot nearly 50 years ago.  To say this is a historic event, would be great understatement.  BNR could not be more pleased for Jerry.”