Alternative Dispute Resolution

BNR offers clients a wide range of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve disputes by consensual rules outside the courts. Our goal is to achieve the best, most efficient and cost-effective resolution of disputes for each client. It has been our experience that in the appropriate case, well-designed ADR procedures can preserve confidentiality and produce faster and more economically efficient results than litigation.

These ADR procedures include mediation and conciliation, mini-trials, summary jury trials, expert fact-finding, early neutral evaluation and binding arbitration.  Our attorneys work with clients to tailor an ADR agreement to the specific requirements of a particular transaction or dispute, represent clients in individually tailored ADR proceedings, and act as neutrals in ADR procedures.  Firm attorneys also act as settlement counsel for clients in connection with disputes for which we are not litigation counsel. We assist clients in framing and evaluating settlement options and ADR procedures for facilitating settlement.