Government Investigations

At BNR, we help businesses to protect themselves from excessive government regulation.

Our attorneys use their legal, political, and business expertise to help them manage successful regulatory interventions—from start to finish. We know how to get the appropriate parties at the table, how to achieve intended results from regulatory meetings, and how to select the facts that fundamentally change the dynamics of the regulatory decision-making process.

For those embroiled in agency enforcement proceedings, we bring similar strengths and strategies. Our attorneys have represented companies and individuals at every stage of the process, from the initial investigation to efforts to have the government reimburse them for costs incurred to defend against improper agency enforcement activity.

Our attorneys also have represented companies and individuals at specific points in a process—for example, to contest an unfair or illegal regulatory penalty that an agency had already imposed.

If an agency decision-making process, whether through regulation or enforcement action, cannot be made more flexible and informed, we help provide solutions. In those cases, our attorneys use their expertise to ensure redress in court or via Congressional review and intercession.