Public Corruption

Politicians and other public officials are in a precarious and serious position when charged with a public corruption crime. This type of case implicates individuals who occupy a public office, be they elected or appointed and stand accused of accepting fee, or other types of perk, in return for preferential treatment. Benefits generally encompass awarding of contracts, votes, lobbying, or promoting a cause that would not be prosperous to their constituents.

At BNR, our attorneys take the time to carefully review the heart of the charges that are being directed against the public official. A winning defense of public corruption charges demands a refined response. We initiate a detailed investigation of the evidence, evaluate the circumstances in order to illustrate that the charges are groundless or incited by zealous political opponents. Our public corruption attorneys are dedicated and experienced at defending the rights of persons accused of a wide realm of criminal matters, which helps in our capacity to customize the way in which we execute the defense of your case in order to suit your needs.