Alternate dispute Careers

We are entrepreneurial people at BNR, and we are recruiting to expand our team. With a mission to appeal to the entrepreneurial personality, we base our hiring decisions more on the existence of that personality—with all of the energy, ambition and fearlessness that tend to accompany it—than on comparatively unimportant factors like brand name law schools and law school grades. In doing so, we are naturally able to build an entrepreneurial environment, both among partners and associates. BNR’s goal is to attract entrepreneurial associates, and give both them and the firm’s partners the opportunity to expand beyond the billable hour design that entraps so many attorneys. This approach is what makes BNR so unique among private law firms. As a result, BNR wants to always be a firm for the right personality, meaning a dynamic personality, not an hourly drone content to sit behind a desk, stare at a document on a computer screen and churn out hours. We want talent who will expand our revenues and who rely on ingenuity for profit as opposed to the mere investment of hours. If you are interested in being part of BNR, contact